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Events @ IoT Auckland

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IoT Auckland Meeting #7

30 Nov 2016

at Industry Connect 6pm

IoT 'Unconference'

What have you achieved this year and what will you do next year? What do you want to do, and what help is needed?

IoT Auckland Meeting #6

26 Oct 2016

at Industry Connect 6pm

Hossein Sarrafzadeh, UniTec

Shaun McBride, Thinxtra

IoT Auckland Meeting #5

28 Sept 2016

at Industry Connect 6pm

Windows IoT Core and Azure with  Raspberry Pi 

IoT Auckland Meeting #4

31 Aug 2016

at Industry Connect


Dmitry Selitskiy 

John McDermott

Lean Startup Ideation workshop

IoT Auckland Meeting #3

27 July 2016

at Industry Connect


Sidharta Andalam

Vikram Kumar

IoT Auckland Meeting #2

29 June 2016

at Industry Connect


Julian Rayner

Vishesh Oberoi

IoT Auckland Meeting #1

25 May 2016

at GRIDAKL, 101 Pakenham St W


Carl Beck

Patrick Verryt & Andrew Leckie

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