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Workshop - Pycom Lora and Sigfox warmup

This workshop will show how to use Pycom devices with various sensors.

The workshop cost will be $25. (yes it will be NZD, I don't need anyone tell me that the Meetup is listed in CAD!!) Pycom will provide discounted devices for purchase. Please check here: The workshop is intended as a warm up for the Techweek Hackathon. This will be a two day event on 13 & 14 May at GridAKL. Details will be sent out later. Taking part in this workshop will entitle you to a discount on the Hackathon price. Please RSVP to this page to show your interest. I need to lock in numbers so that devices can be ordered. Your RSVP here is NOT a commitment to purchase yet. I will send details for payment and a discount code for purchase of Pycom devices later in the week. There may be additional costs for sensors such as GPS, environmental etc. These can be $5-$25 typically. Basically anything for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc should work fine (with some software skill!)

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