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Future Realities IoT, AR, VR two day hackathon for Techweek

The big Hackathon for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things applications.

Calling tech developers, students, creatives and ideas people. The AR/VR/IoT Hackathon for mashing up technology to connect the real world to the virtual world.

What's your big idea? What do you want to experiment with? What's the challenge you want to solve?

Whatever your background, find some new friends here, and discover how to connect up with new tech directions.

Push your boundaries of using AR/VR/IoT, and join up with other tech-heads for an outstanding experience. This is an inclusive event, so bring along your ideas, knowledge and experience. We're after bright minds with great ideas to make the hackathon an outstanding event, so you don't need to be a technology guru to have fun here.

This is your chance to put your tech into action, or if you're just curious about what can be done with AR/VR/IoT then join in to turn ideas into action.

Running over two days on Saturday and Sunday 13-14 May, you can attend for either or both days. Though, joining both days will give the most action, and will fill up fast - don't miss out!

More details on the Future Realities website (

and you MUST reserve your place with tickets from Eventbrite (

Also check out our other Future Realities events in Wellington and Auckland: Conference, Workshop and Expo. The main event at Techweek with the latest developments and action with AR, VR and IoT applications.

Thank you to Thinxtra and IBM for their support at this event

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