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Meetup #13 - NZ Environment protected by IoT

We have two excellent IoT projects to hear about that are addressing some of the top environmental concerns in New Zealand.

This will be a paid event with limited tickets of $10 each. Please ensure you purchase here eventbrite (

Econode have built the SmartTrap to keep invasive predators under control and work towards a Predator Free NZ. The team have pushed the boundaries in several ways to use IoT in a distinctly hostile environment.

Eiver take a scientific and technology approach to managing New Zealand's natural environment. Water management and water quality is a key interest area of Eiver. The group is using their knowledge and IoT technologies to increase the quality and quantity of data available for managing our water resources.

Also tonight:

round up of significant IoT news

1 minute pitch - your chance to tell the group what you are working on, what you can do, or to ask for help.

Other events to check out:

EV World - the biggest NZ event for electric vehicles. 8-9 Sept. Make sure you register in advance.

Facilities Integrate - trade show of building automation and related technologies. Could also be named the secret IoT expo. 27-28 Sept. Register in advance to attend to free.

Please purchase your ticket to attend at cost of $10.

This is the first occasion of charging for IoT Auckland Meetups. The funds will be used for a pizza order and to enable other events we arrange. Please ensure you complete your ticket purchase, or entry to the event will be refused.

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