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Attend, Present, Sponsor

Please join the IoT Auckland Meetup at meetup:

We are a group of over 1,300 members with regular meetings, workshops, seminars etc that are well attended.

You are invited to attend and join in with the group. Your participation makes us better, and you will be impressed by the new contacts you make and the knowledge you can gain.

The more you join in the more you will benefit. There are always opportunities to present or make a pitch. We also welcome the involvement from local enterprises to discuss their businesses, and sponsorship of activities is welcomed.

Mission: For entrepreneurs, developers and others involved in creating IOT applications. The group enables knowledge sharing and networking for people making applications, providing supporting technology and services, for customers/clients wanting to understand IOT environment, technology and applications. The group connects people and businesses that are on the same journey and have knowledge and experience to share.

Member profile: startups, contract software and hardware, enterprise staff, students, entrepreneurs, vendors, government, universities.

Meetups, Workshops, Seminars: We hold regular monthly meetups, occasional workshops for hands on tutorials, and seminars to introduce and explain the technology and business of IoT.

Contact John McDermott for more information

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