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Smart Telematics Monitoring 
Using Global Low Cost Satellite

IoT Applications from Space

satellite orbit of planet earth

Farfields IoT is a developer of sensing applications using new generation low cost satellite communications.  With new satellite system operators providing innovative services we leverage these to implement low cost services that enable monitoring of data wherever it is required.

These new services are particulary suited for a wide range of Internet of Things remote sensing applications providing capabilities that enable new applications and improved operational efficiency for industries with remote assets.

The benefits of IoT from Space are:

  • Low cost - comparable to land based data connection providers and undercutting legacy satellite services

  • Everywhere - a goal of global coverage solving the problem of high cost land based wireless systems and connecting regions that are underserved by existing providers

  • Simple - taking care of the complexity of global data connectivity with platform services that are easy to use

Satellite IoT Telematics Solution

The Resegva Satellite IoT Telematics solution provides a self contained sensing system for collecting data.

Our telematics unit may be powered from an external supply or from its internal battery pack.

With a variety of signal inputs including GNSS the unit may be configured to monitor external sensors and equipment including geolocation.  The unit is setup to regularly transmit data via the satellite network and with LoRaWAN terrestial wireless.

Click below to request a datasheet and enquire about your needs.

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Resegva is our service for remote monitoring service of boats

Click over to the Resegva site to discover more of the what and why of our system

There are many small issues on boats that if unresolved escalate and may cascade into a number of problems needing urgent attention.  Our remote monitoring system provides continuous 24/7 care of your boat in your marina, on moorings and wherever you go sailing.

Cascade of Escalating Faults

Did you know the most common problems on boats are caused by unreliable electrical systems?  We call this the cascade of escalating faults:

  • Loss of Shore Power = battery discharge, onboard equipment not operating

  • Low Battery Voltage = unable to start engine, bilge pumps fail to operate, fridge/freezer defrosts, cost of new batteries 

  • Freezer defrost = warm beer(!), cabin smells from rotting meat or fish, cost to clean cabin, new carpets

  • Bilge pump running = boat leak, boat sinking, faulty pump or float switch, pump burnout


The growing popularity of Lithium cells and Electric Propulsion ​to power boats means the need for a remote monitoring system is increasingly important.  Maintain the safety, performance and reliability of your boat power with Resegva monitoring.

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