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Satellite IoT

The next generation of communication for global IoT

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Satellite IoT is positioned as the next evolution of communication systems for IoT applications.


Enabled by commercial launch vehicles such as SpaceX and RocketLab, the new generation of satellite providers are addressing two distinct purposes:  Broadband internet and low cost IoT.

Low cost space IoT connectivity is especially active with several vendors with working systems.  The attractions of these systems derives from:

  • Global coverage via a single vendor

  • Exceptionally low cost of monthly data

  • Ease of software integration via simple APIs

  • Attractive cost of hardware modules and hardware development


For two+ years we have been assessing development kits from several providers.  Through our testing experience, practical trial results and discussions with satellite vendors we have a clear view of the potential from satellite IoT and the practicalities of taking ideas into action.

We are eager to share our experience of working with these systems.  There are clear useful purposes under investigation:

  • Asset tracking, e.g. containers, vehicles, remote equipment

  • Environmental monitoring, e.g. water quality, land slips, predator traps

  • Infrastructure, e.g. utility assets, bridges,

  • Agriculture and Forestry

  • Marine, e.g. boats, buoys, moorings

Enquire for a discussion about your project.

Enquire about your satellite IoT application

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