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John McDermott and the 'farfields' name have been associated for many years.

What does this mean?

Let's look at the distance - the grass may be greener, so let's go investigating together.  Technology enables change and benefits, hand in hand with complexity and risk.  John helps you achieve objectives without distraction.

Wireless technologies - John has worked with wireless and telecom protocols throughout his career, with deep understanding of capabilities, constraints, implementation and operation.  John provides clarity of what works for you.

New perspectives - John provides a wide experience of technology, business, culture and social perspectives.  Problem solving requires systems thinking for multi-dimensional solutions.  John helps you find that optimum.

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John is a past member of the New Zealand IoT Alliance representing the IoT industry on the Executive Council.  Contact John to find out more how the IoT Alliance can help you.

John McDermott

John is an electronics engineer specialising in business development and project management. Experienced in electronics, digital and software disciplines. Fascinated by enabling technology to create business growth. Working with customers, developers and markets to understand needs, turn into reality and achieve market success.

Through his connections and business partnerships John works with a wide range of developers and system specialists to create Internet of Things applications.

With experience in a number of IoT projects, John can advise on business strategy, business case analysis, project planning, development management and go-to-market.  Ask John for details on past and current projects and how his experience can help you.

Although the Internet of Things may seem a relatively new technology, John has a three decade track record of working with embedded and remote device technologies.

John is also a qualified marketing professional, with over a decade experience in product management and marketing of high tech products and services across the globe.  He has an exceptional capability of analysing market opportunity, assessing customer requirements, managing development teams and delivering successful products to market.

John is the founder of the IOT Auckland Meetup group. This has had rapid success with a large number of members and keen participation.  There is extensive access to leading technologies through this group, particularly wireless system providers, cloud platforms and specialist chip vendors.  Membership of the Meetup group is very diverse with highly experienced corporate and consulting developers, vendor specialists, consultants and qualified graduates.