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Product Development and Project Management

Specialists in Integrating Internet of Things Technology

The New Paradigm of Internet of Things Technologies


IoT is a headline topic for a variety of reasons.  We're now at a tipping point of technology performance, cost and platform capability.  The components, technologies and platforms that make up the base of IoT are well understood with proven applications deployed.

Businesses and public agencies are now at the right time to understand the relevance and significance to their organisations.  This is a time to review your business strategy and project roadmap to ensure you are performing at your best and delighting your customers and clients.

Often, IoT applications are approached from the device or 'thing' perspective.  However, it is vital to have clarity on the business outcome required.  Your value is created by creating information and actions.  Collecting data is only the start of understanding requirements.

We encourage the use of Lean and Agile techniques in defining and managing projects.  IoT systems can be rapidly prototyped, from which deep understanding of needs is discovered.  Instead of a long period of project planning and business case research we recommend using an Action Plan.  Take small steps that are low cost, low risk and rapid.

Project Planning and Business Strategy

We have extensive experience in managing projects, within corporate and startup environments.  We balance focused development objectives with effective project management techniques, so that you have confidence in objectives and delivery progress.

Our first task is to assess your business environment.  This is a market lead process where we focus on meaningful results that create beneficial outcomes and have real impact on financial performance.


Implementing an IoT project often means ensuring that customers will want a new product or service.  Our project methods use a Lean Startup approach that tests and confirms market acceptance.  Using a Build - Test - Learn process for development and the business case keeps risk and cost within acceptable limits.

You will receive a requirements specification that is agreed with you, upfront project plans with realistic delivery schedule and cost, and regular reports of progress and outstanding risks.

We are also highly experienced business managers and can work with you to integrate new technology and procedures for your business and customers.  This capability includes business case planning, market strategy, complete product lifecycle management, and go-to-market strategy.

We have strong links to a network of development resources, government agencies, business advisors, and startup incubators that we can approach as business partners for your project.


You are never alone creating a new business or product line, and we can help you to realise your ambitions.

Sensor Devices

Sensor components can often be the key enabler of specialist applications.  Whether you have a dedicated component to integrate or require our experience in selecting and working with vendors, we will advise on choice and integration.

IoT applications require an intelligent choice of sensors, processor and other components for a high quality, long lasting device, often with a careful consideration of power or battery provision.  When device cost is a sensitive element to design objectives, our experience ensures reliability and performance throughout service lifetime.

We have decades of combined experience in developing embedded electronic systems in a variety of demanding industries.  You can be assured of the best advice to suit each particular IoT application.

Wide Area Communications

Obviously an IoT solution needs a means to connect with the Internet.  There are options from existing 3G, 4G, wifi or Bluetooth technologies.  A critical enabler of new IoT applications are long range low power wide area networks (LPWAN) including LTE NB-IOT, CAT-M1, LoRaWAN and Sigfox.

We also take account of system security and privacy needs.  We ensure that each part of the solution has security provision that you can have confidence with.  This is a 'depth and breadth' approach taking account of possible attack vectors with safeguards at multiple levels.

We can advise on the pros and cons of possible solutions and what is suitable for your system design.

Data Analytics

IoT systems demand managment of large volumes of data that is automated, secure, efficient and reliable.

There are several global vendors that provide cloud platforms, each with variety of capability and intended purposes.  Several of these have specific features for manaing IoT systems that can be considered.  Alternatively, bespoke database and server instances can be preferred for performance and privacy reasons.

We can advise on available choices and criteria for selecting an appropriate system to work with.

Applications and Dashboards

The User Experience design of a system is vital for acceptance and performance.


Each system will have specific needs for interaction by consumers, employees, managers or for automated response.  This will drive the need and design of the mobile app, system dashboard, and monitoring system.  We take a view of Data - Knowledge - Intelligence - Action.  Each level has view of the required information and the purpose it will be used for.


We can advise on UX design for mobile apps, web portals and management dashboards.

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