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Success with
Internet of Things Applications




Assured Success with Internet of Things technologies

The IoT technology revolution is creating new opportunities for success across a wide range of industries and applications.

We provide the expertise to add new skills to your business, assess the business case and take projects through development and into market rapidly with low risk.

IoT creates opportunities and also challenges.  Embrace this new generation of systems for sensing and control to revolutionise your business strategy.

Project Planning and Business Strategy

Experienced project and business guidance using a market led approach to direct high performance results

Sensor Devices

Extensive track record of electronics and embedded software development for field deployed equipment

Wide Area Communications

Experience in the right choice of wireless communications from Bluetooth to cellular including LoRa, nb-iot, LTE-M and LEO satellite

Data Analytics

Advice on managing, analysing and actioning from collected data using cloud server systems

Applications and Dashboards

Creation of mobile apps and management dashboards for excellent User Experience

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Certificate in Connected Environments

Boost your career and accelerate IoT projects by joining Tech Futures Lab with an NZQA approved post-graduate certificate.  A 34 week part time programme that covers technologies, data management and business governance.

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Satellite IoT

The Internet of Things connected from space is the next evolution of communication systems for IoT applications.


Enabled by commercial launch vehicles such as SpaceX and RocketLab, the new generation of satellite providers are addressing two distinct purposes:  Broadband internet and low cost IoT.

Low cost space IoT connectivity is especially active with several vendors with working systems.  The attractions of these systems derives from:

Global coverage via a single vendor

Exceptionally low cost of monthly data

Ease of software integration via simple APIs

Attractive cost of hardware modules and hardware development

IoT Auckland Internet of Things Meetup Group

We founded the IoT Auckland meetup group and continue to assist in event organisation.  Our community informs, educates and inspires local IoT developers, entrepreneurs, researchers and all interested in the topic.

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